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ttdsoft  PDF & eBook Copy Protection​

ttdsoft  Video & Audio Copy Protection​

Our many other types of Copy Protection

PDF files, eBooks Copy Protection   

PDF e Reader or App – It is a pack of PDF Reader size (50MB-1000GB), when it opens in computer or Android devices  it works like a encrypted Reader to view PDF files , eBooks.
OS support : Android  & Windows 
Files format support - Any PDF files , eBooks 
Device Support : Mobile | TAB | Smart TV | Android Projector | Windows PC
Features :  Send it via email or WhatApp  | Any Size of PDF files ( 50 MB - 1000GB ) | Fully copyprotected | Anti Capturing screen & Anti screenshot | Manage - User date validation | PDF e Reader or App is transformable (optional) | Full control of Data | Great Benefits - Save money | Save time | Instant Delivary | Easy usage

How To Use eBook PDF Copy Protection software
|| (Step 1) We will provide PDF e Reader [e Pen drive , e USB  Virtual Drive ] or PDF Reader app 
|| (Step 2) Put PDF files [in e Pen driver , e usb drive (Virtual Drive ) or PDF reader app
|| (Step 3) Send this PDF e Reader to user via e-mail or WhatsApp
|| (Step 4) User(s) will download PDF e Reader or PDF Reader app in there computer or Android Mobile , TAB , Smart TV , Projector and start using it

PDF files , eBooks Copy Protection
All type PDF files , eBooks , with many DRM features

for Windows [Online & Offline ] ,

for Android   [Online & Offline]

- free PDF files encryption & protection

- PDF free encryption

- PDF files Copy Protection software

- PDF files Copy Protection solution

- PDF Copy Protection

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